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Sports Related Injuries.
Evidence-based Treatments.
Pre and Post Operative Conditions.
Hip and Knee Pain.

Manual Therapy

This is specific to the condition and will utilize Maitland, Mulligan, and Paris techniques. Astym will also be utilized for those suffering from tendinitis injuries.

Therapeutic Exercise

Exercises will be prescribed based on the patient's stage of the condition. Using real - time ultrasound imaging for muscle activity. We use Gravity Fit for Posture re-education.

Foot and Ankle Pain
Shoulder Pain
Wrist and Elbow Pain
Low Back and Neck Pain


What We Do

Physiotherapy & Sports Rehab, LLC offers physical therapy services like no other. Here you will get a detailed musculoskeletal evaluation and treatment plan specific to your condition.

We treat a variety of orthopedic diagnoses from the adolescent athlete to the weekend warrior.

You will receive one on one treatment for at least 45 minutes with the same physical therapist.


About US

Dr. Elizabeth Alessi earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy and her Manual Therapy Certification from the University of St. Augustine. She has been providing physical therapy services for almost 15 years and has been in private practice for 6 years serving the Jupiter, Fl area. She has a passion for the physical therapy profession and is involved in many organizations and research. After college, she completed a marathon and triathlon, but now enjoys biking, golf, and paddle boarding in her spare time.


We treat each patient as a separate and unique case. Besides addressing the patient's immediate symptoms and rehabilitating the injury at hand, we analyze their movement patterns to get to the underlying cause of the injury. We then work to correct those movement patterns and ultimately work to decrease the chance of the injury repeating. We also understand that complete recovery looks different for each individual patient, depending on the activities of their daily lives. With this understanding, we incorporate the patient's lifestyle needs into their rehab...better preparing their joints, tissues, and neuromuscular system for their real-life demands. For example, a middle-aged male who works in an office during the week and likes to golf on the weekends will have a very different looking exercise program as part of his ACL rehab than an adolescent female gymnast would.


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